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Anthea Krieg, right, discusses a case with members of the Ceduna Street Beat community patrol team His behaviour always escalates when his dad, a man who physically abuses the family, returns home, forcing him to flee. Many of his friends are also on the inside. Coordination makes a difference One of the first cases Krieg and inSYNC took on was Jared (not his real name). Krieg first saw Jared in court via videolink from detention when he was 17, crying because he was told he would not be released. She discovered that he had spent every birthday since the age of 11 in juvenile detention in Adelaide, 750km from his home. Last month he celebrated his 20th birthday at home. Jared had been to court more than 50 times since 2009, with charges relating mostly to stolen property, trespass and property damage. As a child he never spent more than about eight weeks out of custody. Missed court dates, unpaid fines and multiple charges for minor offences built up to time spent in detention. Overseas studies have found that between 30% and 60% of juvenile delinquents apprehended by police or brought before childrens court later come into contact with the adult criminal justice system.